Tube Drawing Lubricants UK - Product Overview

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Tube Drawing Lubricants has the most advanced lubricant technology in the UK. The products are designed without compromise and so offer many benefits to customers.


Tube Drawing Lubricants has a philosophy of product development which has lead to the development of products in specific application areas which solve long standing problems, offer significant performance benefits, and can support cost saving programs.

Tube Drawing Lubricants can supply product to distributors around the world with significant experience in shipping products from single pallets to container loads to Asia, America and Eastern Europe.

Product Expertise in the following areas

Copper Tube Drawing Lubricants

  Products for all aspects of copper and brass tube forming  
  • Ultra-clean anneal tube lubricants
  • Low carbon residues
  • Synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil based tube lubricants
  • Other process lubricants from mandrel lubricants to hydraulic fluid for the press.

Aluminium Tube Lubricants

  Products for drawing of aluminum  
  • Synthetic clean anneal tube lubricants
  • Water-washable tube lubricant to allow for low hazard cleaning.
  • High performance.

Stainless steel tube drawing lubricants


Products suitable for Pilger mill, and draw bench, floating plug, fixed plug and mandrel drawing.

  • Chlorine-free tube drawing technology
  • Ultimate performance products based on novel combinations of additives to give synergistic effects
  • Plastic coating lubricant technology
  • Hyper-cool additive technology for cooler running.