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 Tube Drawing Lubricants has the most advanced stainless steel tube lubricant technology in the UK. The products are designed without compromise, and working with prestigious end users we have developed liquid lubricants which can draw the most difficult alloys. We constantly strive to enhance our fluid technology and this gives our customers best in class performance.
 Ultra-high performance     
 Cool running technology
 Chlorine-free pilger lubricants
 Advanced coating technology
 Proven performance
 Reactive lubricants
 Synergistic lubricants

Below are some of our key products.                                                         

Product Description Technical Data
Tube Lubricant STDev+ Ultra-high performance highly viscous polymer enhanced lubricant with ultimate performance on severe reductions on difficult alloys, truly a replacement to plastic coating of difficult alloys.

Tube Lubricant RF4000-CR High performance cool running tube drawing lubricant which gives significantly cooler performance compare with standard tube drawing lubricants.

Tube Lubricant RF160-CR High performance low viscosity cool running tube drawing lubricant.
Tube Coat PXT High performance tube coating which enables ultra-severe draws on difficult allows, this is a low hazard solvent based coating.
Tube Coat AQ-G A aqueous based tube coating which enhances environmental safety, non VOC.