Tube Drawing Lubricants - Product Overview
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Case Studies  
Roll forming of galvanised steel Customer finds Form RFL to be the best roll forming lubricant they had ever tried
Tube bending of thin wall stainless steel Tube bending customer finds total solution to bespoke bending of large diameter stainless steel tubes.
Stainless steel tube lubricant Customer finds optimum performance and ease of cleaning with high performance tube drawing lubricant
Magnesium Machining Customer gets significantly increased sump-life and aluminium and magnesium alloy suitability with this advanced water-mix metal Tube Drawing Lubricants - Stainless.
Synthetic Cutting Fluid New technology high performance synthetic Tube Drawing Lubricants - Stainless, specially designed for aluminium, inherently non-staining on auto-motive and aerospace alloys. It is boron-free. It gives massively enhanced sump-life due to its special blend of performance amines.
Boron-free Cutting Fluid Lubricants New technology boron-free long-life coolant with excellent bacterial resistance, ultra-low, inherently low staining potential. Utilising special secondary amine-free additives.
Aluminium Forming Oil - Water mix Synthetic water-mix forming oil for aluminium with rapid drying post operation.
Vanishing Oil solves degreasing problem Synthetic Vanishing Oil means parts no longer need degreasing