Tube Drawing Lubricants - Magnesium cutting Fluid
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Cut Special Mg has given significant benefits to customer machining Magnesium alloys and customers who machine Aluminium alloys and Magnesium alloys.

The machining of Magnesium with water based metal Tube Drawing Lubricants - Stainless is difficult due to the formation of Mg ions which rapidly and significantly increases the hardness of the water which quickly leads to the instability of the emulsion.

Cut Special Mg has been developed based on non-standard emulsifiers to give significantly enhanced stability of the emulsion in use. The product has proven stability to more than 2000ppm hardness, and proven performance in increasing sump-life and cleanliness.

Cut Special Mg has an advance synthetic lubricant additive package which gives excellent machining performance on aluminium alloys, and has been designed to be non-staining to auto-motive and aerospace grades of aluminium and magnesium alloys.