Tube Drawing Lubricants - Solvent Degreasing
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Tube Drawing Lubricants has produced a range of Trichloroethylene replacement solvents for the engineering industry.


The range of solvents we produce covers rapidly drying spot cleaners to non-VOC solvents for large installations.

Ultra-Clean AB is a rapidly drying spot cleaner for cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Ultra-Clean GF is a non-flammable labelled, low hazard cleaner with excellent cleaning performance on intricate engineered components. It is a liquid phase cleaning solvent which can be used to replace Trike.

Methods for removing Trichloroethylene from your process

See for proven equipment for degreasing tube products.


Ultra-Clean KU is a non-VOC high performance cleaning solvent for liquid phase degreasing of engineered components. It is out-side the solvents emissions directive (SED) and can often be used in existing TCE degreasing equipment where it is used as a liquid degreaser and not a vapour degreaser.