Tube Drawing Lubricants - Trichloroethylene Replacement
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Replacement of Trichloroethylene is a complex task and a number of approaches can be successful. Contact us to survey your current application so we can offer best advice.  
If you can afford a hermetically sealed degreasing unit I suggest you read no further, the options we offer are low cost options where an effective solution to trichloroethylene replacement is required.  
Option 1 - Can solvent degreasing be avoided by changing the lubricants.  

Can Tube Drawing Lubricants - Copper be used which leave no residue


Can water soluble lubricants be used which wash off in plain water


Can thermal degreasing fluids be used which means components can be thermally degreased


Can clean anneal lubricants be used so that components can go straight to anneal.

Option 2 - Is liquid phase degreasing applicable  

Can liquid cleaning be suitable - fabricated parts can sometimes fill with solvent and have difficulty draining out.


Is a solvent available which will dissolve the oils in use completely - correct selection of the solvent is vital for liquid phase solvent degreasing to be suitable


Can a low hazard VOC solvent be used - if consumption is to be less than 2tonnes/annum then a volatile drying solvent can be used

Can a non-VOC solvent be used - if consumption will exceed 2tonne/annum then a non-VOC solvent will have to be used to conform with the SED, the suitability of this would have to be assessed as these solvents have their own operating requirements.





Last modified: 05/25/10